Kett was the first company in Japan to develop a
practical grain moisture tester. Since that time, we
have relentlessly pursued the further development
of grain moisture testers.

The compact, lightweight familiar of Riceter moisture testers began with the introduction of the Riceter model Ⅰin 1961. The Riceter has continued to evolve through a series of models such as the Ⅱ, 2, 3, D, L, E, J, m, f, and FG. Kett has introduced the latest generation, Riceter FG-500 series since 2019.

The Riceter FG-500 series is a completely new design based upon the extensive know-how that Kett has accumulated with Riceter FG-
500 series.

65000The Riceter FG-500 series was designed
to be an even more reliable moisture tester providing
even greater ease of use. Kett believes that an
excellent measuring device must be both reliable
and easy to use. The Riceter FG-500 series is the
fulfillment of Kett’s commitment to producing reliable,
easy-to-use products and Riceter fg-506 is one of
the specialized models of Riceter fg-500 series.

Special Features

  • Specialized for international rice and wheat
  • Easy operation & comfortable design with
    nonslip grid
  • Easy sample grinding with rubber-coated metal
  • Agenrage moisture content anytime between 2-9
  • Automatic temperature correction
  • Durable for tough tropical conditions
  • Field type with hard protect the casing


Measurement method Electric resistance
Accuracy 0.5%SEC, 9-20% range
Operating temp. 0 to +40℃
Display Digital LCD with backlight
Minimum display digit, 0.1%
Power source 1.5V batteries x 4
Number of calibration curves 6
Dimensions and Weight 164(W)x94(D)x65(H)mm,
0.45kg approx./ Main unit only
1.8kg approx./ Shipment gross
Accessories Sample tray(2), Spoon with
tweezers(1), Cleaning brush(1),
Battery(4), Carrying case(1),
Rice husker TR-130(1),
The operating manual(1),
Inspection certificate(1)
Options Checker kit for Riceter

Kett 506