MD-7822 Grain Moisture Meter

MD-7822 Grain Moisture Meter  can check  moisture in Weat, Paddy, Rice & Corn. Avaiable In Punjab, Pakistan. In very good Price.

Measurable Grains:

Wheat , Rice, Paddy Rice & Corn,


1. This meter tester can quickly measure the containing moisture and temperature of various kinds of grain.
2. anyone Insert the probe into the measured object, moisture and temperature value will be displayed.
3. For Stable Performance & Quick Response, this Moisture Meter is really reliable.
4. Big & beautiful backlight display screen, and Data Hold Function, is good to read data.
5. With moisture temperature switching, max value measurement, low battery indication and grain species selection function, more practical.

6. Made In China.


1. This MD7822 Digital Moisture Tester is Check Moisture & Temperature of 4 kinds of grain.
2.With stable performance and quick response, the Moisture Meter is really reliable.
3. Moreover, more advantages such as data hold, backlight, moisture / temperature switching Funtion, low battery indication and Grain species selection function.


Model: MD7822
Display: LCD Display
Moisture Measuring Range: 2% to30%
Maximum Error: ±(1%Rh+0.5)
Resolution: 0.5%
Temperature Measuring Range: -10°C to 60°C / 14 to°F 140°F
Maximum Error: ±2°C / ±4°F
Resolution: 1°C / 2°F
Ambient Temperature: -10°C to 40°C / 14°F to 104°F
Ambient Humidity: 0~70%Rh
Power Supply: 1 x 9V Battery  Included
Meter Size: 138 x 67 x 33mm
Meter Weight: 115g
Probe Size: 405 x 45 x 45mm
Probe Weight: 201g

Package Information:

Package Size: 43 x 15.5 x 9cm / 17 x 6.1 x 3.5in
Package Weight: 436g/15.4oz

Package List MD-7822:

1 x Grain Tester
1 x Measuring Probe
1 x User Manua

Price in Pakistani Rupee
Rs. 10,000.00 with TCS delivery