MT-PRO+ Grain Moisture Meter


In Pakistan Faramex MT-PRO+ Grain Moisture Meter provides Fast Moisture Testing available at a good price.  it is Best for measures moisture content in the Grain and in the seeds of oil plants. MT-Pro+ Moisture Tester is calibrated for local Grains. In buying and selling time people check Moisture Content in Grain. This MT-Pro portable Moisture Machine has a clear and Big LCD  display with a backlight and large beautiful buttons.

We offer COD Delivery Available in Pakistan.

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Grain List

1: Wheat
2: Durum Wheat
3: Wheat Flour
4: Mung Bean (Gram)
5: White Rice
6: Paddy Rice
7: Corn(Maize)
8: Wet Corn
9: Barley
10: Sunflower
11: Sunflower Oil Seed
12: Cotton Seed
13: Soy Bean
14: Milk Powder
15: Canola
16: Rye
17: Sorghum
18: Sesame Unpeeled
19: Sesame Peeled
20: Millet
21: Safflower
22: Common Bean
23: Chili Powder
24: Oats
25: Peanut
26: Black Pepper
27: Red Lentil
28: Brown Lentil
29: Green Lentil
30: Field Peas
31: Clove
32: Coffee – Arabica
33: Coffee – Robusta
34: Green Coffee
35: Roasted Coffee

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