Wood Moisture Meter

This Good Quality Wood Moisture Meter for any Professional Woodworker & Craftsman. This Moisture Tester is small in size & lightweight. Anyone can use it indoor or outdoor, or in the shop or anyone takes it and check the quality of the wood in buying time. This Moisture Meter is also a very good tool to detect damp & rotting in wood or wet walls when you inspecting your home.

This is the improved 2 pin Moisture tester, it is easy to operate and it will leave only 2 little holes in wood.

Made In China.


  • Display: Large, easy to read LCD display
  • 2 steel pin probes for high resolution & sensitivity
  • Measuring Range: 5% – 40%
  • Resolution: 1%
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Data Hold button
  • Battery: 1x 9V (not included!)
  • Dimensions: 5×2.75×1.25 inch (126×70×29mm)


1, the instrument measuring probe is very sharp, do not give children as toys, so as not to hurt;
2, can not be used to measure the probe to others, in case of injury to others;
3, the meter is high impedance instrument, the components to have good insulation, in the preservation and use, should pay attention to dust and moisture, keep the appearance of dry and clean, to ensure measurement accuracy.
4, when the display “?” symbol, the battery voltage is insufficient, at this time need to replace the new 9V battery.
5, if the long time does not use, should remove the battery, so as to avoid battery leakage of the instrument.