Cotton Moisture Meter C-2000

DELMHORST C-2000 Cotton Moisture Meter price in Pakistan is the most asking question. Delmhorst C-2000 Moisture tester is extremely famous in all over Pakistan. All Textile & Ginning Industries in Pakistan use it. DELMHORST Moisture Tester is the top one Moisture Testing Tool in Pakistan for Lint Cotton & Yearn. This  Cotton Moisture Testing Machine is the best Moisture Testing Tool in Pakistan for Textile & Cotton Ginning to measure Moisture content in Cotton and Yearn in buy & sale time.

It is excellent for Cotton Ginning and Textile Mills. Excellent for cotton & yearn sale and buy time.

Detail Description of Cotton Moisture Meter

With DELMHORSHT C-2000 Cotton Moisture Tester you’ll measure moisture content in cotton. Delmhorst Moisture Meter Accessories like Bale Tester, Yearn tester, Needles & parts available in Pakistan with good price.

Delmhorst C-2000 One year working warranty. After-sale service is available.
Stock available in Pakistan with excellent Price.

Delmhorst Moisture Meter Calibration

In Pakistan Calibration Of Moisture Tester available with a year warranty.



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Product Features  Cotton Moisture Meter

  • Bright and large Clear alphanumeric display .
  • Four scales Avaiable for testing lint 1: cotton, 2: seed cotton, 3: wool and 4: viscose/rayon.
  • Audible alarm provide you with a warning when your pre-selected Moisture has been reached.
  • Averages available upto 100 reading.
  • Built-in calibration checking Available.
  • Moisture Range available 4% to16% for Lint Cotton; 6% to 20% for Seed Cotton; 12% to 25% for Wool and 6% to 22% for viscose/rayon.
  • Size  8″ x 3″ x 1 5/8″.
  • Weight 284 g.
  • Plastic Carrying Case Available.
  • 9V battery not includ.
  • 1-year Working Warranty in Pakistan.

C-2000 Moisture Tester ELECTRODES:

Delmhorst Co. USA  offers a Big rang of Electrodes known through out the industry for their durability. Below are electrodes that are typically used for C-2000 Moisture Meter


30-E/C Bale Tester

Used for Cotton Bales,  size 9 1/2″ Insulated pins, With 8 1/4″ Penetration,


37-E/C Yearn Tester

Used for all type yarn,  size1 1/2″ pins with 1″ penetration.


52-E/C Cup

Cup type electrode used for lint or seed cotton and rowing.


830-T/C T-Rod

Used for modules, and cotton seed, heavy duty steel,  size36″ T-handle.

Q: Is C-2000 Moisture Tester is good for Cotton Moisture Testing?

A: Yes it is Excellent for cotton & yearn sale and buy time Check Moisture.

Q: Are it is Recommended for Textile Mills?

A:  All Textile Mills Production Manager and owner recommend Delmhorst C-2000 Moisture Tester.

Q: In Pakistan Calibration Of Moisture Tester Is available?

A: yes In Pakistan Calibration Of Moisture Tester available with one year warranty.

Q: In Pakistan DELMHORST C-2000 Moisture Meter Warranty available?

A: Yes We give one-year working warranty to the customer at sale time.