Farmex HT-PRO Hay Moisture Meter

Farmex HT-PRO is a quick and reliable tester for quality assurance and storage control of Hay bale. The tester shows both moisture content and temperature of hay. With the Farmex HT-PRO you can ensure that the hay is dry enough for storaging and you’ll notice early if the hay starts to warm up.

Using the tester is easy: For measuring humidity and temperature there’s a large button and the measuring will happen with a single push of the button.

To ease the use of the meter in poor light there’s a backlight that can be turned on or off by the user.

  • Large, clear buttons
  • Measurement range: 8-30 %*
  • Temperature range: 0-99 °C
  • Probe Lenght: 50 cm
  • Battery: 9V, warning for low battery
  • Calibration clip
  • 12 months warranty
HT-Pro Hay Moisture Tester
Hay Moisture Tester