FARMEX MT-PRO Grain Moisture Meter

In Pakistan MT-PRO Grain Moisture Tester provides Fast  & Accurate Moisture Testing in all grains available in Pakistan. So It is the Best Machine to measure Moisture Content in the Grains.

FARMEX for local Grains.  In Grain Market, Buying and Selling time people check the Moisture Content in grains. in short, Pakistani people trust in MT-Pro Moisture Meter.

In this article, we discuss all detail of the Moisture Tester System and the feature of The Moisture Measuring Meters.

This one is the best Grain Moisture Checking Machine in Pakistan. MT-Pro result equalsWILE 55″ & ” Mini Gac Dickey John”. Moreover, This Moisture testing machine is also popular in Pakistan with the name ” Corn Moisture Meter , and “Wheat Moisture Meter”.

Meanwhile, It is very famous in all Flour Mills for Checking Moisture in Wheat & Flour.

In the same way, It is also popular In Rice Mills, Because the results of the Moisture of White Rice & Paddy Rice in MT-PRO are better than the result of the “KETT” FG-506 & “OGA” TA-5 Moisture Testing Machine.

In shortIt is a Pro Model of MT-16 Grain Moisture Meter. MT-PRO has 2 scales for Corn (Maize). in scale #7 we can check moisture from 5% to 22%. Scale #8 can check Moisture from 18% to 40%.

This Tester also comes with a moisture range for Grain & Seeds of 8% to 35%. Digital Grain Moisture Meter FARMEX MT-PRO is the Best Moisture Testing Machine in Pakistan.

In Conclusion, This MT-Pro portable Moisture Machine has a Clear Display, a backlight, and Large Beautiful Buttons.

Trust Of MT-PRO Moisture Meter 

Because of the Good Quality Measuring of Moisture Cotant in grains, as a result, All Grains Market of Pakistan, shops, and Broker of grains are trusted this “FARMEX” MT-Pro Digital Meter. All Brokers of Grains recommend This Moisture Meter. Mean this one is recommended Moisture testing Machine in Pakistan by Brokers & Buyers of Grains.

On the other hand, The most important thing about this Machine is, its operating system is very easy for everyone. 

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Import From  Farmex Finland

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How much Grain was Measured in Farmex MT-PRO Grain Moisture Tester?

After upgrading to new software, Anyone can test 21 Grains In This Digital Moisture Meter MT-PRO,

1: Wheat, 2: Durum Wheat, 3: Wheat Flour, 4: Mung Bean (Gram), 5: White Rice, 6: Paddy Rice, 7: Corn (Maize), 8: Wet Corn, 9: Barley, 10: Sunflower, 11: Sunflower Oil Seed, 12: Cotton Seed, 13: Soybean, 14: Milk Powder, 15: Canola, 16: Rye, 17: Semolina, 18: Mustard, 19: Millet, 20: Red Lentil, 21: Chili Powder


  • Big Buttons: a separate ON/OFF switch, and a backlight switch
  • The meter shows the condition of the battery and its need to be changed
  • Batteries: 2 pieces of 9V batteries of which one is for the backlight
  • Carrying case and batteries are included
  • Measurement range: 8-35 % for grain and 5-25 % for Oil Seeds
  • Average calculation
  • Every scale is adjustable by the user to correspond to the reference test results made in the oven.
  • Measurement accuracy +/- 0,5 % humidity for normal grain quality
  • Temperature range: 0-45 °C
  • Made in Finland


  • Replacement Cap
  • Carrying Case
  • ISO Certificate